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We have decided to add RC product lines to our existing Automotive Product lines. We currently are dealers for approximately 2,000 manufacturers of Domestic, Import, Truck & Jeep, aftermarket automotive lines. This includes factory direct companies such as Holley, Haltech, AEM, Vortech Forced Induction NOS, MSD, and many others as well as dealers through their distribution network. One of our customers, who is involved in an RC plane group in the area, was so grateful for a 460hp LS swap that we did on his Silverado that he gave my grandson an Arrma Raider. Since then, we have been actively involved in RCís. Rooted in racing, we enjoy the hobby grade RC cars because we can modify them the way that we would like.

I have decided to offer several manufacturers of RC products to our business, that includes cars, trucks, buggies, planes, boats, electronics, batteries, and aftermarket lines that replace, or enhance, the existing brands of vehicles on the market. We currently have 3, online, stores;

In addition, we have a local speed shop, Radical Street Cars, which is in the process of relocation.

This is a presale, and no funds will exchange hands until all the members that wish to participate have an opportunity to decide if this is good for them. This will give a 2, to4, week, time frame to decide if one of the product lines will meet their needs for the time at hand, and to be able to pay for the items. This will be limited to a $200.00 minimum purchase, and will be for, mainly, vehicles, electronics, and batteries.

After the initial purchase you will receive a membership card that will entitle you to a discount on RC products for the sum of 5% over the invoice price of any purchases for the life of the business. These discounted purchases will be limited to the member and their families, not the, general, public.

This is not venture capital, you are purchasing products at or below MAP pricing that will assist in making more than, 60 companies of RC products available locally to help the hobby

that we enjoy grow and receiving discounts an name brands of RC vehicles & accessories.

Some of the manufacturers that will be available, , but not limited to, for initial purchases are;


Team Associated Racing

DR10 Lines

Enduro Trucks




Team Corally Racing-

Raddix, Kronos,





We are currently speaking with Arrma but this will be a step for later.


Please view our initial line card of product lines and take some time to review them online. We are looking forward to making a variety of cars, but more importantly, aftermarket support rpoducts, available locally.

This will take some time and help from fellow hobbyists to make this work,

Roger Rigg


RSC Performance Group Inc.

(910) 833-7565




HPI Racing

Maverick Quantum

Maverick Strada

Maverick Ion


Mad Van SE


Chevelle SS etc.